What Fairbanksans are saying


... One feels cared for and pampered...

"As a nurse practitioner it is always interesting to be on the receiving end of medical care.  The contrast of seeing a naturopath vs my own experiences providing care in urgent care in a busy clinic, or in a private office was quite eye opening.  One feels cared for and pampered when in a quiet, pleasant office (no receptionist), more than an hour of attention discussing personal history, likes and dislikes, diet, exercise, emotional health, etc with no interruptions.  Though I moved thousands of miles away, I was given a prompt care plan, prescriptions for recommended supplements and remedies and the education needed to adhere to a healthy lifestyle.  If any questions arise, I feel comfortable emailing or calling Dr Simko and get prompt responses.  She is attentive, knowledgable, and a pleasure to see.  As a naturopath, she works with western medicine practitioners to coordinate care.  At this time, as a one person office, she does not bill insurance, but gives helpful guidance in doing so.   I would not hesitate to recommend her services." - AM


...Doc. Simko's ability to be present and attentive to your issues is a product of a genuine, warm personality... 

"Funny how people "practice" law and medicine ... The last two things you want to have "practiced" on you !! You definitely do not feel like Dr. Christine Simko is "practicing" on you .

Doc. Simko's attention to your personal issues, education and interest in an integrative approach to medicine is obvious with your first visit .  Doc. Simko's unpretentious office and personality coupled with easy accessibility makes her a breath of fresh air in the quagmire of over staffed, impersonal,  cattle car world if AMA.  Doc. Simko's ability to be present and attentive to your issues is a product of a genuine, warm personality and her conscious effort to keep her "practice" a manageable size. That In turn allows a genuine Doctor patient relationship and success in her style of medicine . 

One can only hope she it the tip of the iceberg in things to come in world of medicine !" - DP


...she goes above and beyond the call of duty...

"My family has been getting excellent health care from Dr. Christine Simko for going on two years. She is truly a family doctor as our family can attest. 

Dr. Simko, like many naturalpaths, spends time getting to know her patients which, I would venture to guess, is a cornerstone of her practice. However, she goes above and beyond the call of duty in this regard. Her visits are unhurried, she listens, she does not come with an agenda, and she is accessible. In this town where it is hard to even make an appointment that is not weeks out, Dr. Simko is available for timely appointments and is also  (amazingly) personally available for phone contact at any time. She actually encourages patient input, questions, and concerns. And beyond that she is a team player. She respects other medical people you may have in your life and takes the time to make contact with them so everyone can be on the same page. Having this kind of medical advocate is invaluable- and almost unheard of. 

One of the services that Dr. Simko offers which we have found invaluable is her house calls. She has been coming to my mother's home every couple weeks for over a year. She knows my mom';s caregivers, her routines, and has met friends, family, and pets through treating her at home. She is kind, unhurried, attentive, respectful, and a breath of fresh air! I have found her to be intelligent, extremely knowledgeable (and generous with her knowledge), and her treatments to be effective. I love that she herself is a healthy, vibrant, and fit young woman.

I am 64 years old and I can honestly say that this is the first time I have truly felt like I have a family doctor." - I.H.


...she truly listened and was attentive to my personal questions and concerns...

"I had heard of Dr. Simko from several sources, patients and alternative care providers. I decided to become a patient to address a few minor health concerns but also just establish myself with a local ND who was willing to work with me as an individual. I had gone to a couple of other ND’s in the area and found that their basic protocol was handed out to each client and that struck me as being very similar to the western medical model. On my first appt. with Dr. Simko she took a very individual approach to treatment and we had an extended one on one visit in order to formulate a plan for immediate and long term treatment. I felt she truly listened and was attentive to my personal questions and concerns. She was highly professional but also very personable. After formulating a plan, she made it easy to get some supplements she recommended and truly kept them to a minimum, at my request. She followed through with a check in email and phone call to make sure I had no questions or concerns. I am very happy with the choice I’ve made as Dr. Simko as a provider and will continue to work with her as needed because, at least for me, she has no agenda. MY biggest issue is my own follow through!!!! I would recommend her for anyone who is ready to make changes in their life or reinforce those that are already present." - K.W.