Quality Supplements

Hand Selected by Dr. Simko - sent directly to your door.



Why do we provide a dispensary to our patients?

The vitamin and supplement industry is largely unregulated and therefore many poor quality and potentially harmful products exist on the market (scary!).  To ensure safety and potency, we recommend only high quality supplements, which are additionally tested for assurance of purity, potency, and correctly identified ingredients.


Our dispensary allows you access to browse over 1,000 excellent quality vitamins and supplements that have been hand picked -  ranging from natural cosmetics and personal care items, to protein powders and nutraceuticals.  These are brands that we know and trust for efficacy and safety!  


We are thrilled to make these products available to our patients at AFFORDABLE pricing, because we don't want folks paying for poor quality items that don't work (and even worse may be contaminated!) from the big box retailers who don't care. 


Not a patient yet but interested in getting personalized recommendations through our dispensary?


Click here to schedule your free consultation with Dr. Simko, ND.  Otherwise, feel free to browse our dispensary for items you might already be familiar with or using.  Please know that pricing will be different for established patients.


An introductory video to our new dispensary (coming soon!):

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Supplement Safety 

While natural supplements can provide a wealth of health benefits, just because something is natural doesn’t mean it’s safe.  We always recommend getting the advice of your doctor before starting any new therapy,  as adverse reactions and allergies can happen to anyone.   Also, having some general guidelines for safe use is important.  Here are some key safety rules to follow before you start any new supplement:


  • Ask first - If you are on prescription medications, ask for guidance from your healthcare provider. If they are unsure, please request a consult with Dr. Simko, ND or another qualified healthcare provider. Not all herbs, supplements, or medications all work together safely, and naviagting this area of medicine is Dr Simko's forte.


  • Check the label - Its always best practice to check the label once you receive a supplement to make sure it is the one you ordered and to check for potential allergens.


  • More is not better - Follow dosing instructions on the product label unless your doctor gives you other guidance.


  • Know when to discontinue - If you develop new or otherwise unexplained symptoms within a few days of starting a supplement (like a rash, nausea, headache, etc. ), discontinue the supplement.


  • Pregnancy & Pediatrics - Please ask your doctor or midwife before starting anything new. We do not recommend the use of supplements or herbs in this dispensary in pregnancy unless otherwise specified for specific nutrients or personalized treatment plans. Many of these items are indeed safe, but we want to take the utmost care to keep momma and baby safe.


  • Breastfeeding- Unless otherwise specified, many of the dispensary items are safe in breastfeeding. Use at your own discretion and the advice of your midwife or doctor. If you notice any changes in your baby’s digestion, a rash develops, or you notice any other symptom after starting a supplement, discontinue taking that supplement.


  • Quality and Brand Matters - Use only reliable supplements.


Disclaimer:  The statements on this page and on this website have not been evaluated by the FDA. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.