Meet Dr Simko

Hi, I'm Dr Simko, a naturopathic doctor, herbalist and advocate. 

I practice medicine and see health differently than a lot of doctors.


Welcome! I am so glad you have found your way to my website.   I hope to convey to you a decidedly different (and in my view, exceptional) way of looking at health.   If you are feeling overwhelmed, frazzled, or frustrated with the care you have received - you have come to the right place for better, lasting solutions.  


I am here to tell you that your doctor should be your ally, that you have the right to ask questions, and that you deserve to pursue your vibrant self at any age! 


I am a naturopathic doctor, auntie, athlete, photographer, and life-long Alaskan.   These perspectives inform and enrich all areas of my work.   Just like your passions influence yours.  My aim is to respect and support your health on all these levels - including mind, body, and spirit.  And to motivate and empower you to take back your health naturally, by addressing the root causes of illness and not just covering up symptoms.


I trained at the "Harvard of Natural Medicine" to become an expert in using integrative and conventional medicine blended together - to create an amazing and effective healing process.   And it works! 


My goal is simple - to help you achieve your ideal energy, focus, and health.  I believe that the best kind of medicine is a partnership, and with that, we can create an environment towards health at ANY stage and ANY age.  


-  To your BEST health,  Christine Simko, N.D. 



After graduating with a bachelor's degree from the University of Alaska Fairbanks,  Dr. Simko earned a 4-year naturopathic medical doctorate  from Bastyr University, one of America's foremost institutions in the field of Naturopathic Medicine.      


Dr. Simko is proud to be trained to the same standards as a family doctor while being additionally certified to utilize integrative therapies such as botanical medicine, nutrition, manipulation, and homeopathy.  These medicines have been around for ages, and naturopathic physicians are uniquely experienced to use them safely and effectively even while modern therapies are on board. N.D.s have gained esteem, both nationally and abroad, as specialist physicians skilled in the science AND art of integrative medicine.  




Dr. Simko believes in the power of individualized medical care - where the patient is central to each treatment plan. What is individualized care, you ask?  At Simko Family Medicine LLC we make this a core value of our care by:

  1. recognizing that you are a unique individual, not to be forced into a pre-made protocol;  
  2. appreciating that you have been shaped by the experiences of your lifetime, and those are important details to understand,  and
  3. practicing the most fundamental aspect of patient-centered care:  ensuring that you are listened to and involved at every step of decision-making. 




Dr. Simko founded Simko Family Medicine LLC to offer you a decidedly different - and in our view exceptional - type of healthcare; one that offers comprehensive and integrative care while including other specialties.   We strive to treat PEOPLE not diseases.


To its core, Simko Family Medicine is an integrative and holistic medical practice - we explore the latest in scientific discoveries while always staying rooted in what nature models.  We call this good medicine, because that's what it is! 


To provide the best care possible, we gladly coordinate with all types of medical providers.  We also refer to those providers when appropriate.  Dr. Simko has advanced training in pediatrics, physical and sports medicine, and women's health.  Dr. Simko especially enjoys working with and treating families - as good health starts at home! 


Dr. Simko is THRILLED to be back in her hometown of Fairbanks to give back to the community that helped shape her.   In her off time she enjoys getting outside for adventures at every opportunity.