Do you have questions about your health or a diagnosis that you received?

Are you still feeling sick even after lots of treatment?

Do you want more from your health?

We look forward to working with you !


Your First Visit

During the first visit, our goal is to get to know you and to gather information concerning your needs. For a standard first visit, we ask that you fill out the intake paperwork and return it at least 2 days before your first visit. We’d like some time to consider the information you provide so THANK YOU for your help and timeliness. At your first visit we will review any records you bring, perform a physical exam, and order lab tests or previous records if needed.  You can expect the first appointment to last about 60 minutes.  From there, we will work together to create a plan of action.



At Simko Family Medicine LLC we believe in offering medical appointments that work with your life! Therefore, we have an office where you may visit us – or – Dr. Simko is happy to provide house calls to established patients as appropriate. That's right - HOUSE CALLS! Our office is located in the Steese Medical Center at 1275 Sadler Way, STE 100, Fairbanks.  Since Dr Simko is often out doing house calls- our office hours are by appointment only.


How To Find Us

We are situated on the NORTH side of the Steese Medical Center - there are reserved parking spots just for our patients directly in front of our office. Please park on the north back side of the building - go all the way to the end of the parking lot - then simply look for our signage.



Dr. Simko is proud to offer scheduling with as little wait time as possible.  We ask that you schedule all office and phone visits.   Dr. Simko is not on-call and all emergenices should be routed to the emergency room.  Please call to schedule or email with non-urgent inquiries.

Contact Us

Use our contact us page to  to schedule or to leave non-urgent voicemail messages for Dr. Simko. You may also schedule by email. In the event of a medical emergency, dial 911 FIRST! After the crisis has been addressed, call Dr. Simko for follow-up advice and support.


Vitamins + Supplements

The vitamin and supplement industry is LARGELY unregulated and therefore MANY poor quality and potentially harmful products exist on the market (scary!). To ensure SAFETY and POTENCY, Dr. Simko recommends only high quality trusted products, which are additionally tested for assurance of purity, potency, and correctly identified ingredients. 

Dr. Simko is happy to make these products available to her patients while still keeping them AFFORDABLE.   We have a partnership with Wellevate and others to bring you online ordering and home delivery of many of the items we prescribe.   Other items will be delivered or arranged for pick-up as needed.


Insurance + Payments

For those with insurance - you CAN use your insurance benefits with our office!

We ask for payment at the time of service, then fill out a simple form for you after your visit (called a superbill), which you submit for your own insurance reimbursement.   

Premera Blue Cross (BCBS), Aetna, Alaska Electrical Health & Welfare Fund and United Healthcare among others offer insurance benefits for naturopathic medicine. Those patients with Medicare - if you have a secondary insurance - that might be eligible for our services as well. Please inquire. Many choose to use an HSA (healthcare spending account card) or FSA (flexible spending account) from their employers for visits and supplements - this works well. 

This unique billing approach allows our office to focus on what we do best: high quality patient-centered care.  In our experience, this approach allows patients the freedom to seek care outside of the usual network while still getting to use their insurance benefits.    We try to keep things simple, for all parties, and we find that this system works.