Find your root causes and get to feeling like you again.

Dr. Simko's approach, bringing you the best of conventional and natural medicine.




Are you tired of feeling sick and tired?  I HEAR YOU.


I cannot tell you how many intelligent, resourced people have recounted this sentiment to me.   How easy it is to become entrenched in a modern medical merry-go-round. 


What Gives?


My take is this: the predominant medical model in our country has trained doctors to be scientists, researchers, yes, and brilliant ones!  And this model of medicine absolutely saves lives in emergency rooms all over the nation, where protocols and science must be precise and accurate.  For that I am so grateful.   But we are missing the part about what makes us human, and what it means to heal.  



    The Solution



    Humans are more than what is measurable and quantifiable within us.  And this requires doctors who are more than pure scientists and objective researchers.  


    I believe that medicine should also attend to the whole person - the physical yes, but also to the mental, emotional, and spiritual components in our lives.  See the following table from the Institute of Functional Medicine, which aligns with naturopathic medicine very closely:


    Functional and Integrative Medicine

    • Health Oriented
    • Patient Centered
    • Biochemical Individuality
    • Holistic
    • Cost Effective
    • Looks At The Underlying Cause Of Disease
    • Preventative Approach
    • Hands On and High Tech


    Wouldn't that be great if your doctor and medicine inspired you?


    This is the kind of care I hope to bring: compassionate and intelligent whole-person care.   And I call this good medicine, as it bridges the great divide between conventional medical science and the inherent laws of nature.  


    Naturopathic doctors find ways of working with the body, and know when to use medications and suggest surgeries, as they are needed.  By using this integrative and holistic approach, naturopathic doctors are able to help:


    1. Decrease medical complications
    2. Decrease unnecessary procedures
    3. Save money for patients
    4. Save time for patients and doctors
    5. Increase trust-building opportunities between all parties involved, and
    6. Increase quality of life and outcomes for patients.   


    I believe this is integrative medicine at its best: utilizing the best of both medical worlds.