Natural Dermatology

Frustrated with your skin regime?  Not getting the results you want?  

Naturopathic medicine offers you a new perspective towards supporting your healthy, beautiful skin from within.  



Did you know: Your skin is a detoxification organ?  WHAT! Seriously.  Skin is your largest organ, and it does so many important jobs, one of them being detoxing. However, this is not your skin’s primary job, and it can get irritated when too many toxins have to leave through the skin, instead of through the other organ systems like the GI, Liver, and Kidneys. I have found this to be true over and over in my practice: skin condition improves when we address and support other body systems. 



What about FOOD? This is a big topic too, especially for children.   Hidden food sensitivities can often be the culprit for irritating eczema, diaper rashes, and other itchy and bothersome rashes. In adults the same is true. In fact, many rashes can have a food sensitivity component – psoriasis, atopic dermatitis, and hives to name just a few.



It’s always helpful to work with your integrative MD or ND to find out what specifically is bothering yours or your child’s system.  And natural medicine is pretty darn good at this.  We use lab testing, skin prick allergen testing, and special dietary elimination diets to get custom information for each person. From there, it is a matter of removing the underlying root cause.  Patients are amazed when they make this connection, and delighted when the expensive creams and procedures are no longer necessary. 



What about HORMONES? Hormones are SO important to understand and support when it comes to skin problems such as dryness, acne, fine lines, wrinkles, and rosacea.  Estrogen, Testosterone, Thyroid, and Cortisol are all influencing skin condition and regeneration.  Work with your naturopathic doctor to see which may be important for you.  In my practice I use both salivary and blood testing to measure hormone levels.  From there, we develop a personalized treatment plan to support and rebalance, using gentle but effective medicines such as botanical medicine, detoxification, and nutrition.  



What Else?  There are other aspects to consider as well when it comes to skin: environmental irritants (chemicals the skin is exposed to), topical allergens that may be causing inflammation, and many others.  The bottom line is: we can work together to uncover your root causes so that you can understand and support your own skin and health (or your child's!) , naturally.