Balance Your Hormones


A smart way to feel your best.



Do you feel overwhelmed, tired-out, burnt-out or just off?  Do you find yourself relying on coffee or sugar to keep you going, only to have your energy and focus crash soon after?  You don’t have to!


Using the foundations of functional and natural medicine I would like to offer you a better, lasting solution.  Together, we will discover your root causes to turn your fatigue, weight gain, PMS, breast tenderness, endometriosis, PCOS, or menopausal symptoms around.  You deserve to pursue your joy and vibrant self at any age.  


I bring my expertise in natural medicine and a decidedly different approach, utilizing cutting edge tools like:

  • Functional hormone testing (your hormones have a natural rhythm that we can glimpse!),
  • Naturopathic lab review (did you know that there is a difference between acceptable levels and optimal levels for many general lab tests?), and
  • Whole-person medicine (yep, we treat you the person, not just your symptoms). 




I’ll introduce tools that you can use to help yourself for years to come, and we’ll use therapies like:

  • Nutrition counseling (food as medicine),
  • Plant medicine (botanical medicine),
  • High quality vitamin testing and supplementation
  • Hands-on medicine (manipulation and acupuncture), and
  • Mind-body medicine - among so many other all-stars. 

PLUS: If and when we need to, we will gladly utilize the expertise of other brilliant specialists, as medicine is a team effort!


My goal is to provide you insight and information so that you feel inspired, motivated, and empowered to put in the time your body is asking for.  This is balance.  This is possible. This is good, natural medicine.