Children's Health

An ideal approach for healthy, vibrant children.



As an auntie, I have the utmost respect for what it takes to make a child feel comfortable in a doctor’s office.  So many times children are scared of the instruments just because they don’t know what they are.  I am proud to say that my first nephew was saying and identifying my otoscope (and his pediatrician's) before the age of 2.  And now, my niece and nephews run into my office, jump onto the dinosaur exam table happily and tell ME what to examine! As I have grown my practice, I have found so much joy in welcoming kids of all ages and helping them learn about their bodies, emotions, and minds.


My take is this, and its what I suggest to my family and patients:  Absolutely have a pediatrician who knows and sees your children regularly.  These well-trained specialists are expert at well-child check-ups and in addition are hospital providers, should your kids ever require that.  At the same time: absolutely have a naturopath or integrative doctor who knows and sees your children regularly.  These holistic and integrative medical specialists can take the time to:


  • Explain treatments or diagnoses you may have heard in the pediatrician’s office and still have questions about,


  • Give you input on natural treatment options to make your pediatrician's suggestions work better, 


  • Offer natural alternatives when they are safe  (that are often more kid-friendly and with less potential side effects), and


  • Provide guidance on the big picture for your child and family, including preventative measures that make your child less likely to need interventions like antibiotics, steroids, allergy medications, or others. 


This is the best of both worlds, and in my view a superior way to get the best healthcare for your kids.


I take a special interest in treating kids because they are our future.  Our current generation of children is known as “generation Rx” because of the increasing number of health issues they are facing, and the unprecedented number of medications they are prescribed.  From the treatment reflux and food allergies, to eczema, ear infections, and sore throats; all the way to ADD / ADHD, and depression and anxiety – Naturopathic medicine offers some of the most sustainable, lasting, non-pharmaceutical options for your family.


We have some big dreams for our kids and I want to help them feel their best so they can pursue their full potential.