Athletic Excellence

It doesn’t matter where you are one the spectrum of ability; it matters where you want to be.  




Are you an endurance athlete, competitive athlete, or soon-to-be getting active? 


Naturopathic medicine offers exciting and effective tools for athletes who want to increase their performance, endurance, and strength all while maintaining a great immune system and health at the same time.  And in Alaska, I don’t have to tell you this is so much more prominent as intense conditions push athletes to their limits.


Symptoms are just sacred messengers telling us to take better care of ourselves, right – but do you need help decoding the message? 

Let's work together to give you effective tools for staying well and competing at your best.


I wonder how many of you competitive athletes out there have gotten a cold before - or worse, during - your performance or race day?  THE WORST, right?   Maybe you feel like the universe has conspired against you to aid your competitors?  I am here to say, not so!   There are effective, safe, and allowable ways to bolster your immune system to make it more adaptable to the stresses of competition, and more active during your days training. 


For ballet dancers who want to maintain a healthy body composition – I would like to share tools with you to keep fit nutritionally, and promote your strength and focus.  For cross-country skiers and runners doing mountain races or track races – I can help you increase your mitochondria (the power house of our cells!) and muscle oxygenation for explosive starts and lasting endurance.   For swimmers, climbers, bikers, and all other awesomely active professions and professionals  – I can help you build more agility, speed and skill.   The bottom line: natural and preventative medicine can help all athletes and sports-lovers: 


  1. Become less susceptible to injury and stress-factures,
  2. Stave off joint degeneration and arthritis by using nutrition and biomechanics,
  3. Increase performance and stamina by using evidence-based and allowable natural therapies,
  4. Gain access and tools for non-pharmaceutical pain management
  5. Increase recovery after sports by understanding biochemistry and utilizing integrative sports medicine.




Wherever you are, whatever you like to do, I am stoked to help you do it better.  It all comes down to treating you, the person, where you are and where you want to be.   Naturopathic doctors are skilled at the art and science of what it takes to keep you going longer and stronger.  So you can carpe diem all you like.